Legal services and cooperation with individual clients

Cooperation with individual clients, usually concerns the handling of a specific, single case at the pre-trial, judicial and enforcement stages.

Entrusting the conduct of a case, is preceded by a meeting at the office or in remote form, during which the client presents the case that requires legal assistance. During such a meeting, a strategy of action is established to bring the client the fastest possible assistance.

After determining how to act for the client, a contract of mandate is concluded, under which the law firm, as a contractor, undertakes actions in the name of and on behalf of the principal.

Each client is kept informed of the status of the case entrusted to the law firm, either by email or telephone. All decision-making activities in the case are also consulted with the law firm's client, so that he has the final say in the outcome of the entrusted case.

Areas of specialization of legal services provided to individual clients, include in particular civil, family, inheritance, banking, real estate, administrative, labor and social security law.

Civil law

  • Preparation of legal opinions, information and legal analysis on reported problems
  • Drafting, checking, negotiating, reviewing civil law contracts (work contract, lease contract, rental contract, commission contract, franchise contract, b2b contract and other contracts)
  • Drafting of pleadings (lawsuit, appeal, response to the lawsuit/appeal, cassation complaint, complaint, motions for partition of property and other pleadings, including in cases for damages, for payment)
  • Representation in court proceedings (participation in court hearings)
  • Representation in pre-litigation and enforcement proceedings (debt collection) including in inheritance, family and real estate law

Succession law

  • Succession planning, including assistance with drafting a will
  • Representation in proceedings for a declaration of inheritance, division of inheritance (division of inherited property), payment of a retainer
  • Court representation (comprehensive representation in court disputes, including drafting of pleadings, appeals, taking other procedural actions related to the case)
  • Out-of-court representation (mediation, settlement negotiations)
  • Legal advice on how to accept an inheritance outright, acceptance of an inheritance with the benefit of inventory and rejection of an inheritance, exclusion of a spouse from inheritance, execution of a bequest or order, disinheritance, declaring an heir unworthy of inheritance, invalidity of a will, appointment of an executor of a will

Family law

  • Judicial representation in proceedings for divorce, alimony, parental authority and contact, establishment of paternity and related claims, denial of paternity, establishment of property separation between spouses, permission to marry, establishment of custody, settlement of significant family matters, adoption
  • Out-of-court representation (mediation, settlement negotiations)

Real estate law

  • Legal advice on the sale and acquisition of real estate
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts of sale, donation, exchange, reservation agreements, preliminary agreements, development agreements
  • Investigation of warranty claims and defects in the premises
  • representation in land and mortgage register proceedings

Labor and social security law

  • Representation in proceedings involving labor disputes, including representation of employees before the labor court
  • Representation in court and before authorities in cases involving pensions, annuities, allowances and other benefits from the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS)
  • Advice in negotiations and representation in disputes with the employer
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts, including cooperation agreements, non-competition agreements, work contracts, commission agreements, employment contracts, employee liability agreements, management contracts
  • Drafting and reviewing work regulations and salary regulations

Administrative law

  • challenging the decisions of administrative bodies and tax authorities
  • Representation in proceedings before first and second instance authorities, including local government bodies, SKO (local government appeals boards), district and provincial construction supervision inspectorates, provincial environmental inspections and the Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection
  • Representation in administrative and court-administrative proceedings, including before the Supreme Administrative Court
  • challenging resolutions of local government units, as well as acts of local law and other legal acts issued by local government administration bodies