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Office of Legal Advisor Bialystok

We provide comprehensive legal assistance and advice to IT companies. The firm specializes in new technology law and IT contracts. The team consists of experienced specialists in many areas of law: IT law, banking law, intellectual property law, civil law and commercial law.

Paulina Czemiel

Legal Advisor
Dr. Paulina Czemiel

Specializes in issues in new technology law, IT contracts, as well as regulation of franking cases. Extensive experience in advising on legal solutions for companies and entrepreneurs. Representation of the company before the Courts (civil law, business law). Advising on copyright law. Member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Bialystok.

EXPERTSMeet our team
Bar traineeEwelinaKonik
  • She specializes in civil law issues, including family and inheritance law (division of property, abolition of joint ownership of real estate, divorce, separation, contact determination, alimony).
  • Represents individual clients before the Courts of Common Pleas.
  • She advises on intellectual property law (copyright) and handles trademark registration in Poland and abroad.
  • Member of the District Bar Association in Bialystok.
Legal AssistantAleksandraPietkiewicz
  • Graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Bialystok with a specialization in economics and finance.
  • She specializes in issues of criminal law and misdemeanor law (including traffic accidents, drunk driving, driving without authority).
  • She advises on matters of executive criminal law (conditional early release from serving the remainder of a prison sentence, serving a prison sentence under the electronic surveillance system).
Legal AssistantZuzannaMądry
  • A third-year law student at the University of Bialystok and a member of the Women's Rights Study Circle.
  • She is interested in civil law in its broadest sense, especially in matters of family law and contract law.
  • As part of his work at the firm, she supports the work of legal counsel, drafts pleadings and contracts, and, above all, gains knowledge and professional experience.
  • On a daily basis, she also develops his interests in criminal law.
  • She specializes in issues in new technology law, IT contracts, as well as regulation of franking cases.
  • Extensive experience in consulting on public procurement law.
  • Represents companies before the National Board of Appeals.
  • She is engaged in data protection consulting, with a special focus on security aspects.
  • Member of the Public Procurement Law Section.
  • Member of the Bar Association in Warsaw.

Areas of specialization


Frequently asked questions

What services does your law firm provide?

We provide a wide range of legal services, including wide-ranging assistance for franking, legal services for IT companies as well as advice, case management and opinions in the fields of law, civil, commercial and intellectual property.

Does the law firm's activity cover only Bialystok?

The firm provides services to clients from both Bialystok and the entire region.

What are your law firm's areas of specialization?

Our specialties include assistance to franking customers, IT law, RODO, intellectual property law and civil and commercial law in general.

How is your law firm's assistance to francophiles going?

Our offer includes assistance to franking customers in the comprehensive handling of cases involving the cancellation or de-franking of a denominated or indexed credit agreement. We also provide a free analysis of the loan agreement.

What does the cancellation of the franking credit agreement mean?

If the contract is cancelled, the bank will return all the installments and additional fees paid and can only claim a refund of the amount paid in gold.

What does it mean to unfranchise a contract?

If the contract is unfranchised, it continues but as a loan in PLN bearing interest at the LIBOR rate and the bank returns the amount of overpaid installments.

What hours does the law firm work?

We are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Of course, we will try to respond to any attempts to contact us outside these hours as soon as possible.