Legal services and non-profit assistance for NGOs

Our law firm is not only a business, but also an active supporter of non-profit organizations. We believe that our role in the community is not only limited to commercial activities, but also includes supporting those who work for the common good.

In particular, we are proud of our cooperation with the local branch of Rotary International in Bialystok - Club Rotary Bialystok. Rotary International is known for its global commitment to social and humanitarian projects. By providing our legal support, we help the local branch to achieve their mission by providing them with the necessary legal advice and solutions. We place great importance on providing them with comprehensive legal assistance that enables them to focus on their charitable activities.

In addition, we have also established cooperation with the local branch of Caritas of the Bialystok Archdiocese. Caritas is widely known for its wide range of activities for the poor and needy. As part of our cooperation, we provide our legal experience and expertise to help Caritas solve legal problems related to their activities. By providing legal support, we help them successfully carry out their humanitarian mission.

Supporting non-profit organizations and NGOs not only contributes to the development of the scope of our activities, but also creates a positive reputation for our law firm. We strive to make our social commitment and work for the public good an integral part of our mission. We believe that our activities not only help organizations achieve their goals, but also build ties with our local community, enhancing our reputation as a law firm that has a positive impact on the local community.