Legal services for IT companies and companies in other sectors

The firm's clients operating in the new technology industry, including computer, Internet or e-commerce, receive comprehensive legal solutions created based on the characteristics of the client's profile.

We provide direct support to IT companies. Data protection, IT contracts, litigation, licensing - these are specializations in which the law firm is a proven choice.

Supporting IT companies, we offer comprehensive legal assistance in day-to-day operations, or incidental assistance when consultation, assistance or specific legal solutions to a problem are required.

We work with companies in a wide range of sectors, such as IT companies, trade and services, logistics, industry and construction, among others.

Preparing and reviewing contracts that are entered into in new technology industries requires a high level of legal expertise, knowledge of the industry in question, often including specialized language. We have experience in negotiating and drafting such contracts as:

  • SLAs (maintenance agreement, e.g., system, portal)
  • service contracts
  • implementation agreements
  • Software development contracts, mobile application development contracts, IT project contract, i.e., Internet service contract
  • contracts for the provision of programming services
  • contracts with T&M (Time and Material) and F&P (Fixed Price) billing
  • contracts so-called body leasing (personnel outsourcing, outsourcing of software services)
  • NDAs (confidentiality agreements)
  • non-compete agreements

If your company is in the process of negotiating a contract, and you are wondering whether its provisions are favorable to you - send us the contract - we will check its provisions, make suggestions for amendments, and, importantly, point out solutions that are unfavorable to you. We will also help you prepare a contract tailored to the specifics of your business.

We support in building an e-commerce business in accordance with the law.

We prepare regulations of websites (rules of use of the service/portal), and other necessary documentation for the proper operation of portals (privacy policy, newsletter rules, rules of the loyalty program, contest, promotional action).

We assist with ongoing legal issues, primarily in the areas of complaints, contract waivers, and assess the legality of mailing campaigns, through the prism of commercial information (spam) requirements.

We prepare regulations for web and mobile applications (mobile and web applications) and other necessary documentation for the proper operation of applications. We provide legal and business support in the creation of a model for the provision of electronic services.

We offer legal assistance to various types of clients, including:

  • software manufacturers (software houses)
  • companies providing IT services (programming and others)
  • Companies outsourcing programmers and other IT professionals (project manager (PM), business analyst, IT architect, IT consultant, project manager, tester)
  • new technology startups
  • Customers of IT companies - ordering implementation or contracting IT services
  • IT contractors (IT professionals hired under B2B contracts)
  • Interactive agencies and other businesses and professionals who create websites