Copyright and personal rights

We handle cases in the fields of copyright, patent, trademark, personal and image protection law, press and advertising law, unfair competition.

Our main field of activity isCounseling and protection, as well as the pursuit of claims in the event of copyright infringement.We also help with issues ofCopyright property rights, copyright moral rights, as well as image protection.

We represent business entities and individuals in both judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.

We offer legal assistance in the field of intellectual property law:

  1. Legal advice: we help clients understand and protect their copyright and moral rights. We offer legal advice on intellectual creations such as music, literature, film and art, and advise on privacy and reputation issues.
  2. Copyright registration and protection: we assist clients in registering their intellectual creations, such as musical works, books, films or graphic designs, with the relevant authorities or organizations. They also ensure the protection of these rights, including the assertion of claims in the event of infringement.
  3. Negotiation and drafting of contracts: we prepare and negotiate:
    • agreements for copyright transfer, licensing, artistic collaboration or advertising
    • agreements transferring author's economic rights to computer programs, documentation and other works that are not computer programs
    • copyright lease agreement
  4. Investigating claims: we represent clients in cases of copyright or personal rights violations. We help claim damages, prevent further infringement and take legal action to restore the client's reputation.
  5. Defense in infringement cases: we represent clients who are accused of infringing copyright or personal rights. We help prepare the defense, negotiate and represent the client in court.
  6. We conduct a legal audit of the compliance of activities with intellectual property law.
  7. We conduct analyses of copyright and intellectual property law problems on the Internet and prepare legal opinions.
  8. We represent and advise in cases involving personal property, i.e. health, freedom, honor, freedom of conscience, surname or alias, image, secrecy of correspondence, inviolability of the dwelling, scientific, artistic, inventive and rationalization creativity.