Civil law and contract drafting

We deal with a wide variety of issues related to private law and relationships between individuals. Here are some of the civil law tasks we perform for our clients:

  1. Legal advice: we provide legal advice on matters related to civil contracts, property law, civil liability, family law, inheritance law and other areas of private law.
  2. Contract drafting: we draft, negotiate and interpret civil contracts, such as contracts of sale, lease, donation, loan, work contracts, service contracts, partnership agreements and many others.
  3. Legal representation: we represent clients in civil matters before courts and other authorities, both in and out of court. This includes cases involving compensation claims, contract disputes, family matters, inheritance, debt collection and others (participation in court hearings). We represent in pre-litigation and enforcement proceedings (debt collection).
  4. Property law: we deal with property law issues such as acquisition, disposal, inheritance, encumbrance and protection of real estate, movable, intellectual and other property rights.
  5. Civil liability: we represent clients in civil liability cases such as claims for damages, business injury, traffic accidents, medical malpractice, copyright infringement and many others.
  6. Mediation and negotiation: we negotiate in disputes between parties, helping to reach an agreement and resolve the dispute outside of court.

Preparation of contracts

Contract drafting is an important aspect of civil law that has far-reaching consequences for the parties entering into the contract. Our law firm provides comprehensive services in the drafting of civil contracts, taking into account the diverse needs and areas of activity of our clients.

Cooperation with us begins with a thorough understanding of your needs and goals, which allows us to propose the most appropriate solutions. Whether you need a contract of sale, lease, donation, loan, contract for work, contract for services, partnership agreement or any other, our law firm can draft a complete and precise document that will safeguard your interests.

Our lawyers will not only prepare the contract, but also help you negotiate with the other party to reach favorable terms and agree on key points. For more complicated contracts, our knowledge and experience will help you avoid potential pitfalls and reduce the risk of later disputes.

With our expertise in various areas of civil law, we can provide you with professional support at every stage. Contact us for details about our services and ensure that your transactions and contracts are professionally taken care of.