Commercial law

  • Comprehensive service and ongoing legal advice - providing legal advice related to day-to-day operations
  • Support at the stage of contract negotiations, opinion on contracts and drafting of commercial contracts
  • Incorporation of companies, including start-ups and companies registered in the S24 system, including preparation of documentation - company agreements/statutes, minutes of meetings including resolutions,
  • Representation in making changes to the National Court Register
  • establishment of other entities (associations, foundations, etc.)
  • carrying out organizational changes in companies, i.e. merger, division, transformation, liquidation of companies
  • Performing corporate activities, i.e. drafting and reviewing company agreements/statutes, bylaws, resolutions and others
  • judicial and pre-court recovery of debts
  • legal representation in business cases
  • Legal assistance in public procurement proceedings

Legal aid - Notification of change in the National Court Register

Changes to the National Court Register (KRS) are an indispensable part of doing business - registering changes regarding companies, associations, or foundations. Every change in the National Court Register must be accurately described and properly documented. Our law firm is involved in drafting registration applications covering statutory amendments, transformations, mergers, divisions, changes in governing bodies and other important aspects of commercial companies. We also handle the preparation of minutes of shareholders' meetings and other required documents that are necessary for registration with the National Court Register.

Thanks to our experience, all matters related to the KRS are quickly handled formalities, without unnecessary confusion, wasting time in offices and tons of documentation. Contact us and you will be assured that all changes in the KRS are carried out in a prompt and professional manner, and the companies' activities will be conducted in accordance with the applicable laws.

Professional representation in registration proceedings

Our law firm also offers professional legal representation in matters related to the registration of changes in the National Court Register. We represent clients at every stage of the proceedings, from the preparation of documentation and notification of changes to the receipt of relevant decisions from the court. Our goal is to provide clients with the highest quality services and effectively defend their interests during the registration process.

In the event of disputes and problems related to the process of registering changes, we take every measure to effectively resolve the situation and ensure a favorable outcome for our clients. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are able to effectively represent our clients before the courts and registration authorities, providing them with peace of mind and confidence that their interests are protected.

Our law firm offers comprehensive support for changes to the National Court Register, providing our clients with professional advice and reliable service at every stage of the process. Regardless of the complexity and nature of the changes, our team of lawyers makes every effort to ensure that the registration process goes smoothly and in accordance with applicable laws, providing our clients with peace of mind and complete satisfaction with our services.