Intellectual property law

Drafting negotiating, checking contracts:

  • licensing agreements
  • agreements transferring author's economic rights to computer programs, documentation and other works that are not computer programs
  • copyright lease agreement
  • Legal audit of compliance of operations with intellectual property laws, IT standards and regulations
  • Analysis of copyright and intellectual property law problems on the Internet

Copyright transfer agreement - Comprehensive support from our law firm

A copyright transfer agreement is a key document that allows the transfer of ownership of a work from its creator to another person or entity. Our law firm offers comprehensive support in the process of drafting, analyzing and negotiating such agreements, ensuring that our clients fully understand the legal aspects and protect their interests. We assist clients in identifying all key elements of the agreement, such as the scope of the transfer of rights, financial terms, deadlines, responsibilities of the parties, and any other issues affecting the rights and obligations of the parties to the agreement.

Our law firm also undertakes negotiations with the other party to achieve favorable contract terms for our clients. The value of our expertise allows us to reliably and effectively represent our clients' interests, providing them with the best possible solutions in negotiations. Our goal is to guarantee optimal results for our clients and ensure that their copyrights are fully protected in the transfer agreement.

Legal advice - Copyright protection

Our law firm does not limit itself to drafting copyright transfer agreements, but also provides clients with support in protecting their copyrights and monitoring their enforcement. We act as reliable advisors, ensuring that our clients understand their rights and obligations, as well as informing them of possible risks.

With our knowledge, experience and focus on our clients' interests, we can guarantee professional and effective support in copyright transfer agreement matters, providing our clients with peace of mind and confidence that their copyrights are properly secured.