Family Law and Alimony Lawsuit

As part of family law legal assistance, we offer:

  • Judicial representation in proceedings for divorce, alimony, parental authority and contact, establishment of paternity and related claims, denial of paternity, establishment of property separation between spouses, permission to marry, establishment of custody, settlement of significant family matters, adoption
  • Out-of-court representation (mediation, settlement negotiations); representation in the case of division of property after divorce, dissolution of co-ownership after a civil partnership

Alimony lawsuit - legal assistance

The alimony case is one of the most important aspects of family law, especially in the event of the breakup of a marriage or separation of partners. Receiving an adequate amount of alimony from the other parent can be important to ensure the decent support of a child. If you are looking for legal assistance in connection with an alimony lawsuit, our law firm specializes in family law cases and we are ready to provide you with support at every stage of the legal proceedings.

The course of an alimony case in court usually consists of several steps.

  • The first is the filing of a lawsuit for alimony by the party seeking benefits. The lawsuit should indicate, among other things, the amount of alimony requested, justify the need for alimony, and provide evidence of parental dependency.
  • Then, the defendant is summoned to respond to the lawsuit. In his response, he has the opportunity to submit his arguments and possibly object to the requested alimony.
  • The next stage of the proceedings is the court hearing, during which the parties present their arguments and evidence.

Our law firm also offers assistance in out-of-court negotiations. Mediation and settlement negotiations can be an effective way to resolve an alimony dispute outside of court. With our experience in conducting these types of discussions and knowledge of family law, we can help you reach an agreement between the parties that takes into account the interests of all involved.

Unfortunately, there are situations when a party fails to comply with the alimony awarded or there are other violations of court orders. Our work does not end with the court case, and in such cases we will effectively take care of the enforcement of these orders and help you receive the benefits you are entitled to.

We believe that each alimony case is unique and requires a personalized approach. Our experienced team of attorneys can help you understand the legal process, provide advice and comprehensive support in your child support case. Contact us today to discuss your needs and begin taking action to protect your child's rights and ensure a fair livelihood.