Succession law - notarial wills

As part of legal assistance in the field of inheritance law, we offer:

  • Succession planning, including assistance with drafting a will
  • Representation in proceedings for a declaration of inheritance, division of inheritance (division of inherited property), payment of a retainer
  • Court representation - comprehensive representation in court disputes including drafting of pleadings, appeals, taking other procedural actions related to the case
  • Out-of-court representation (mediation, settlement negotiations)

Notarial will

A notarized will is a document drawn up with the assistance of a notary, which is one of the safest ways to establish one's last will regarding inheritance. It is a legal record that specifies precisely how our property and intangible assets are to be distributed after our death. A notarized will is characterized by a high degree of legal certainty and increases the chances that our instructions will be carried out accurately.

The course of an alimony case in court usually consists of several steps.

The preparation of a notarized will requires the presence of a notary and at least two witnesses. The notary is authorized to provide legal advice and can help the client express his or her will and clarify all relevant issues. His presence and professional support ensure that the notarized will complies with the applicable laws, which minimizes the risk of later disputes.

Notarized wills are particularly useful for complicated family situations, large estates, and to avoid potential disputes between heirs. It is also a recommended option for people who want to make sure that their will is executed as intended.

The difference between a notarized will and an ordinary will is mainly the form and method of drafting. A notarized will must be drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the law and be notarized by a notary, which provides greater legal certainty and credibility to the document. An ordinary will, on the other hand, can be drawn up on your own, although there is a risk that it may not meet some of the formal requirements, which could lead to ambiguities or disputes after our death.

Our law firm provides experience and expertise at every stage of the process of drafting a notarial will. Our lawyers will provide detailed advice on the rules for drafting a will, in accordance with applicable laws. We will help you express your wills clearly and precisely, minimizing the risk of later disputes. In addition, we provide professional support in dealing with a notary public and help you understand and interpret important issues related to a notarial will.

If you are looking for comprehensive legal assistance in inheritance matters, contact us! Our team of lawyers is ready to provide you with professional and personalized assistance to ensure you fully understand and protect your inheritance rights.