Funding for trademark application, we will take care of it for you!

You can receive €1,000 for your business

SME FUND voucher is aimed at entrepreneurs from micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Voucher awarded after meeting formal requirements. Recruitment is continuous, the order of application is decisive. The SME Fund will operate from January 23, 2023 to December 8, 2023. The amount of funds is limited, and grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

As much as 75% subsidy for official fees

The subsidy is 75% of the official fees incurred. The funds are paid on a refinancing basis. The grant can be used to register a trademark in Poland and the European Union and to protect industrial designs.

We deal with obtaining and accounting for subsidies

We will help you obtain and successfully settle grant funds from the EUIPO under the SME FUND program. You will receive the money within a month of paying the application fee for your trademark.

SME definitions adopted by the European Commission

Enterprise category
Number of employees
Annual turnover (mln euro)
i ≤10
Total annual balance sheet (mln euro)
or ≤10

SME Fund application procedure

The application procedure is simple. It can be divided into 5 steps.

  1. 1.

    Compile the documents you will need when filling out the form, i.e.:

    • A statement of the company's bank account;
    • A certificate confirming the status of an active VAT payer.
  2. 2.

    Create an account on the EUIPO website, then fill out and submit a grant application - go to the EUIPO login page.

  3. 3.

    Receive a grant and a voucher. The grant decision should arrive in your email inbox within 15 business days. You have 2 months to activate the grant voucher.

  4. 4.

    Apply for trademark or design registration and pay official fees.

  5. 5.

    Apply for reimbursement to EUIPO.

List of documents required by the law firm for submission:

In order to apply for a grant for trademark registration, please send me the following documents and data.

1. company bank details:

  • bank name,
  • account holder's name,
  • swift/bic code
  • international bank account number (IBAN)

2. bank statement issued by the bank, which shows the following information:

  • information the name and logo of the bank to identify the source of the document,
  • Name of the company as the account holder,
  • Full IBAN number with country code and BIC/SWIFT code,
  • international bank account number (IBAN)

This is the information that is in the header of the bank statement - the seal of the bank and the signature of the bank representative are not required - such a document can be generated by logging into your bank account or mobile application.

3. the VAT/NIP certificate of the company issued by the competent national authority.

  • bank name,
  • account holder's name,
  • swift/bic code,
  • international bank account number (IBAN)

4. signed statement on the possibility of obtaining a grant.

    Questions and answers

    What is the deadline for application?

    The grant application must be submitted by December 8, 2023. Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, as the amount of funds is limited.

    Can I get a subsidy after registering a trademark?

    You must first apply for a grant, receive a voucher, and then use the voucher when you apply for trademark registration. It is not possible to refinance the costs incurred after registration.

    When will I be notified if I have received a voucher?

    The grant decision should arrive in your email inbox within 15 business days.

    How much time do I have to redeem the voucher?

    You have 2 months to activate the voucher.

    Do I have to pay the trademark registration fees first, or can I deduct this amount from the voucher right away?

    After applying for a trademark or design registration, pay the necessary official fees. Then apply for reimbursement to EUIPO.

    How to get reimbursement for trademark registration?

    You will fill out the form through your account on the EUIPO website.

    When do I get reimbursed for trademark registration?

    You will receive payment within 1 month.

    Who provides the funding?

    The Ideas Powered for business SME Fund is a grant program established to protect the intellectual property rights of European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The SME Fund is a European Commission initiative implemented by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

    What is the SME Fund all about?

    Intellectual property protection in the SME Fund program covers many assets, including trademarks and industrial designs.

    How much is the subsidy

    • 75% refund of trademark and design application fees at the EU and national levels,
    • 50% refund of application fees outside the EU.

    The maximum amount of funding is €1,000.

    Who can benefit from the program?

    Funding is intended for micro, small and medium-sized companies based in EU countries. Eligible:
    • sole proprietorships,
    • civil partnerships,
    • commercial companies.

    The requesting entity must be an active VAT payer.